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Battery Storage - Seemless Power, With or Without Solar

Even less grid reliance, Cheaper power bills, Good for the environment, Protect for Your Solar Investment, Adds Value to Your Property

Have solar panels installed and wondering if it’s time you added solar batteries to be completely energy independent?

You may refer the below guide from the Clean Energy Council:

Government Incentives on Solar Power


Currently subsidising battery storage for approximately 5,000 Canberra homes and businesses.

The current rebate is $825 per kW up to a maximum of 30kW.


New Empowering Homes Program provides interest-free loans for solar-battery systems to eligible NSW residents in the Hunter region. 

Interest-free loans of up to $9000 for a storage battery, or up to $14,000 for a solar PV and battery storage system, are available to owner-occupiers with an annual household income of up to $180,000


Home Battery Scheme gives South Australian homes access to state government subsidies and loans of up to $4000 for home battery system installations


Battery rebates of up to $4,838. 

These rebates are available to people in designated suburbs who have already installed solar panels, but who have not yet accessed a solar rebate

Recommended Solutions
Alpha ESS.jpg
Alpha ESS.jfif
  • One of most commonly used Energy Storage System in Australia.
  • Come with 5kw hybrid inverter integrated. Stand alone.
  • Two version available 10.3kwh and 20.6kwh
  • 5 Year Product Warranty, 10 Year Performance Warranty
  • 7kwh, 10kwh options available (for high-voltage version); 3.3kwh, 6.5kwh and 10kwh for low-voltage version
  • Comparable with many hybrid inverters on market. Very neat design
  • 10 Year Performance Warranty
BYD Battery.jpg
BYD Logo.png
  • Modular design. Configurable sizes to suite your needs
  • Comparable with many hybrid inverters on market
  • 10 Year Performance Warranty
  • AC coupled solution, retrofittable with your existing solar system
  • Elegant design
  • 10 Year Wararnty
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