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Residential Solar Power System

Over 30% of Australia househood have solar system on their roofs already. Want to be one of us?

How does it work?

A residential solar system converts sunlight directly into electricity and is made up of 3 main components.
1. Solar PV Panels
2. Solar Electricity Inverter
3. Mounting System


Solar PV Panel is made of mainly from silicon, which is the most abundant natural resources on the Earth. Solar Panel absorb the sunlights and turn the solar energy into Direct Current (DC) electricity.


Solar Electricity Inverter turns the DC electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which can be used by your home appliances or be export to the Grid.

Mounting System helps to fix your panels onto your roof safely.

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Questions  we should ask before choosing a solar systems

  1. Solar Panels

    • Is this brand on Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Tier One list? Tier One panels are, based on views of industrial experts and financial instibutions, the most bankable brands . If you don't know anything about solar, this should be the easest way to rule out a lot of less bankable brands

    • What is the efficiency? 

    • What is the warranty offered? Do they have a local service - meaning if there is something worng, is there a number I can call?

  2. Solar Inverter

    • What is the warranty offered? Do they have a local service - meaning if there is something worng, is there a number I can call?

    • Do they offer free wifi and monitoring APP?

    • Do they have battery ready (if you care)?

  3. Mounting System

    • Do they have the engineering certificate as required by Clean Energy Council?​

What we offer

Best Price Guarranteed. Call us for a quote or simply leave a message and we will call you back!

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The Quality System

6.6kw JA Solar Panel  Perc Mono 390W and Growatt/Solis Inverter 5KW Dual MPPT

Quality solution with best value for money option on market

  • Top 5 and Tier 1 solar panel supplier (by Bloomberg Report Q1 2020), 15 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.  

  • Growatt Inverter, top 3 inverter supplier in Australia. 10 Year Warranty

The Efficiency Champion System

6.66kw Jinko High-efficient 440W Panel or Longi 390W, Huawei/SMA/Fronius Inverter

The Premium solar system but not necessarily expensive with top tier solargain!

  • Top 3 and Tier 1 panel supplier worldwide. Highest efficiency solar panel available on market. 12 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty

  • Huawei inverter with 10 year full warranty and battery ready function for future extension consideration. SMA/Fronius Inverter 5 Year Warranty. The quality that you can trust!

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