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Commercial Solar Power System

Concerned about your electricity cost ? Simple way to slash the electricity bill with solar energy...

Commercial solar system makes perfect sense because it generates energy exactly when you are consuming it. The solar generated power brings you the best return for your investment. More and more commercial properties - factories, warehouses, shopping centres, are adding solar systems onto their roofs and start to generate energy for their own. As long as the system is smaller than 100kw, you will be still eligible for the government incentive plan - Small Technology Certificate, STC.


Installing a commercial solar system in a business works in conjunction with your existing grid electricity supply. The electricity generated by your commercial solar power system directly offsets the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your electricity retailer, thus reducing your electricity bill. Our solar installation team is qualified to operate on a large range of roof types to ensure quality delivery of the solar system of your choice


The size of your solar gain can vary. It largely depends on the below factors:

1. The size of your roof available

2. Your energy consumption

3. Your budget

To arrange a no obligation consultation at your home or office:

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